Offre mission SVE République Tchèque

AkopolisNous vous proposons une mission de SVE en République Tchèque de 12 mois qui débute le 1er avril 2018 ! A vos CV et faites nous part de votre candidature rapidemment!

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: Uherské Hradiště 
Début de mission : 1er avril 2018
Fin de mission : 30 mars 2019

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Vous ferez partie d'une équipe de 4 volontaires (France, Allemage, Italie, Russie). Vous serez logé dans un appartement en colocation; un vélo vous sera prêté par l'organisation pour respecter l'environnement. Vous bénéficiez d'une indeminité mensuelle de 122€ + une aide de 150,- Kč par jour pour la nourriture.

The organization Akropolis offers to the volunteers to support their effort to learn more - knowledge, skillls and attitudes. which involves their personal progress and will help them to find a job in Europe. You will can improve your languages skills and get know about czech culture. 

Volunteers tasks:
In nursery, for children from 1,5 to 3 years. - 2x a week - helping to take care of children, during the walks and creative activities.
- in promotion/communication - 1x a week - making and sharing promotion materials (handouts, pictures, videos).
- in language conversations - 2x a week - communication with people in native language,
- on day camps - during the summer holidays - helping with program.
- events for children and their parents - usualy 5 weekends in a year - helping with program.

Opportunities for volunteers:
will get basic knowledge of Czech language, will be able to speak in basic conversations
- by the everyday using of English as a communicative language will improve their communication skills
- will get a knowledge about Czech culture and by the compare their and our cultures will understand more to Czech people
- will get a experiences with working with small children in nursery
- thanks to preparing program will get experience with working with children from 6 to 15
- will improve their nonverbal communication skills
- thanks to joining to host organization will be improved their skill in working in team
- will improve their attitude to EU and will be more active citizen of EU
- regular work in the host organization will strengthen their sense of order, diligence, responsibility, self-discipline; participants are given the opportunity to realize their own ideas and activities that are supported by their creativity, independence, a sense of a job well done; These experience, knowledge and skills gives participants a good chance for finding job after finishing the EVS project as well as better awareness of his/her own Europeanism.

Accomodation is in a flat 4+1( 4 rooms, 1 kitchen) near the Akropolis. Every volunteer has his own room . In the flat is kitchen, dishwasher, washing machine, toalet, internet,...

Volunteer can order lunch in our organization, or cook in his flat.

Pocket money:
Volunteer allowance: 122 euros per month
Food allowance: 150,- Kč per day
International travel costs: 275 euros (pour le trajet aller et retour)

Quelques photos de Sophie, notre volontaire en mission sur place jusqu'au 28 février 2018

Sophie Trenda

  Sophie Trenda2